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Admission & Progression Policies

Admission Criteria for Pre-Nursing Majors

The following is the approved admission criteria for all pre-nursing students, who desire to be admitted into the Department of Nursing.

A complete admission packet must be submitted by the designated due date, at the end of the spring semester of the sophomore year (no late applications will be accepted) to the:

Students Service Center
College of Health & Behavioral Sciences

Price Bldg. 111
Delaware State University
1200 N. DuPont Hwy.
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302.857.7143

  1. A minimal Grade Point Average (GPA) for admission is 3.0. All pre-requisites must be completed in the spring of applying semester.
  2. Students will be allowed to repeat one identified Science course (A&P I, A&P II, Microbiology and Pathophysiology).
  3. Students will be allowed to transfer in two of the four identified Science courses. Two (2) Science courses must be completed at Delaware State University.
  4. Science courses that are 5-years or older will not be transferrable.
  6. Effective September 2017, the ATI TEAS test is the required pre-admission test for applicants to the nursing major.  The total score is the only score considered for admission to the nursing major.  Total scores for the ATI TEAS are reported as levels and a total score at the PROFICIENCY LEVEL of achievement is the minimum acceptable level for candidates applying to the nursing major. In case of a tie, ranking of candidates will be based upon the highest total percentile score.
  7. The ATI TEAS may be taken no more than 3 times and must be taken at a certified testing site (PSI testing site) as listed on the ATI TEAS web site. DSU is one of these sites. Remediation is strongly recommended prior to any second attempt. To assist you, remediation topics for review will be reported in the test results.  In addition, test preparation materials are listed on the ATI TEAS web site.
  8. The student must register and pay for the ATI TEAS exam online (required) prior to taking the test; the purchase of test preparation materials is optional. Costs are listed on the ATI TEAS web site.


Approved by Department of Nursing May, 2014 Effective:  August 24, 2014
Revised July 2015, September 2017