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Role Specific Professional Competencies

RSGC #1 Nursing Judgement 

Make judgements in one’s specialty area of practice that reflect a scholarly critique of current evidence from nursing and other disciplines and the capacity to identify gaps in knowledge and formulate research questions.

RSGC #2 Professional Identity 

Implement one’s advanced practice role in ways that foster best practices, promote the personal and professional growth of oneself and others, demonstrate leadership, promote positive change in people and systems, and advance the profession.

RSGC #3 Spirit of Inquiry

Contribute to the science of nursing in one’s specialty area of practice by analyzing underlying disparities in knowledge or evidence; formulating research questions; and systematically evaluating the impact on quality when evidence-based solutions to nursing problems are implemented.

RSGC #4 Human Flourishing

Function as a leader and change agent in one’s specialty area of practice to create systems that promote human flourishing.