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Academic programs in the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences are Nursing, Psychology, Social WorkPublic Health, and Movement Science. The community-based program is the Capitol Park Community Center.

Building on the mission of the University, the mission of the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences is to promote excellence in research and health-related services for our students, citizens of Delaware, the nation and the world. These pursuits will focus on increasing knowledge, shaping policy and providing solutions for health-related issues. The College is dedicated to preparing students in health professions for graduate study who will be informed professionals empowered to lead and manage change while shaping society’s future.

Delaware Center for Health Promotion

The mission of the Delaware Center for Health Promotion (DCHP) is to encourage Delawareans to adopt healthier lifestyle habits in an effort to increase their quality of life and to reduce the incidence of preventable illness. DCHP is housed at Delaware State University and is partially funded by corporate contributions and grants. DCHP collaborates with allied health organizations to identify current health priorities and provide programming to address those needs.

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Student Services Center

The Student Services Center’s mission is to mentor and assist sophomores and pre-majors in goal setting and establishing strategies to progress to advanced levels of education in the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences.

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